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   Take the guesswork out of your fitness plan and get fit faster. With several different training programs to choose from these Lafayette Personal Trainer designed programs will easily fit within any budget. We focus on six areas to deliver life changing results: Nutrition, Strength, Cardio, Supplementation, Flexibility, and Support. You'll learn the right way to eat and exercise so you can reach your goals sooner.

Weight Training Equipment
   24/7 Fit offers weight training equipment to work every part of your body. Whether you’re curling, pressing, benching, or squatting, you’ll have a variety of ways to shape your physique.
Cardio Equipment
   No gym routine should be without cardio exercise. Each of our clubs is filled with cardio equipment and features several types of machines to help you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular health. Don't think fitness is limited to the Fitness Center, our tanning and message programs let you relax tired muscles, sweat out toxins, and relieve stress.
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